UFCW Files Grievances and is Helping Members get Help from Attorneys who are Pursuing Lawsuits Against Fred Meyer and QFC

Paystub envelopes. Quote "Victims are being pushed into a financial hole that can take months to crawl back out of.” Dan Clay, President, UFCW 555

Tigard, Oregon – Fred Meyer and QFC have not been issuing paychecks to workers correctly. In some cases, workers aren’t receiving their full paycheck, and some are not receiving a paycheck at all. UFCW Local 555 is using its normal grievance process to make sure its members receive remedies for the harm they are suffering. Because these employers are likely violating state and federal laws, Local 555 is helping members get help from attorneys who can pursue lawsuits against Fred Meyer and QFC to get relief that those laws provide.

“Kroger, who owns Fred Meyer and QFC, implemented new accounting software they didn’t know how to use. When you are living paycheck to paycheck, a short or missed check isn’t just a temporary inconvenience; it can mean racking up late payments on rent and bills, skipped meals, and struggling to afford gas. Victims are being pushed into a financial hole that can take months to crawl back out of. For a worker to go without pay because a multibillion dollar corporation cannot figure out their payroll software is beyond unacceptable.” – Dan Clay, UFCW Local 555 Union President

“While our contract provides for a very strong grievance procedure, it’s not the only tool our members may have for getting all the relief they deserve for these horrible wrongs. As the damage is ongoing and is becoming more than just a simple correction on next week’s check, we are helping our members get help from outside attorneys who may be able to initiate class-action lawsuits to not only recover their lost wages, but also assess and possibly recover additional punitive damages not available under the labor agreement.” – Lisa Loucks, UFCW 555 Grievance Director

“We had an instance of a worker being paid with a $500 visa cash card. The worker then found out that the card only had $250 on it. Even when trying to fix their outrageous mistakes with band-aid remedies, they mess up. Workers should not have to suffer because Kroger is deciding to switch to new accounting software.” – Miles Eshaia, UFCW 555 Communications Coordinator