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Unity Negotiations: the fifth meeting

Our two-day meeting with our Unity employers was productive. We took some useful steps towards agreement on certain language. The employers have not yet addressed our primary concerns, though: economics (wages) and scheduling (hours). We must continue to step up and demonstrate our solidarity so that our employers cannot fail to hear us. The next scheduled negotiation dates are November … Read more »

President’s Corner: We’re Playing The Long Game

When we asked our Unity Negotiation Team members what was most unexpected about the bargaining process so far, there were two responses that recurred very frequently. One was surprise at the lack of interest that the employers showed in the lives of our members. Having this catch some folks unaware makes sense to me because we are all likely to … Read more »

News of the Week 9/29-10/5

  Operation School Bell offers warm clothes for cold days ahead Herald and News 9/30 Eligible low-income children referred by teachers, councilors, and other professionals in the Klamath Falls basin may participate in the annual Operation School Bell event. This program provides children with an allotment to purchase their own clothing for the school year, often along with snacks, hats, … Read more »

News of the Week 9/21-9/28

News of the Week September 21st-28th Opponents say big stores violated campaign law in grocery tax fight The Portland Tribune There have been several reports of grocery store employers directing their employees to wear buttons, pass out magnets and other literature, or in other ways support Measure 103. Employers using “undue influence” to influence employees political activity is a violation … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the fourth meeting

Our collective demonstrations of unity and our focus on working together is beginning to become apparent to the employers. We exchanged multiple proposals and counter-proposals during this two-day period. However, we were displeased to receive a counter-proposal suggesting that any dispute regarding reasonableness of a vacation denial must be submitted in writing within 14 calendar days and that HR/Labor Relations … Read more »

From Your Local 555 Officials: ABC

Whether or not you have much of an interest in politics, chances are good that you’ve heard at least some murmurs about how active the upcoming November midterm elections are likely to be. With tempers running hot on both sides of the aisle—and with so much at stake—this may well turn out to be one of the very rare midterm … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the third meeting

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This was the third meeting with employers and they offered very minor modifications. They’re still pushing to take away seniority rights, earned vacation rights, and to make it possible for courtesy clerks to check. They brought nothing new to the table that would resolve our primary issue: being able to afford to live in our communities. The next scheduled negotiation … Read more »