Workers at Roth’s Fresh Market have filed for an Election – Strike Authorized

A group of 5 adults and 1 child stand in front of a Roth's Grocery store in Gold Teeshirts, a quote to the right says, "If a corporation wants to buy stores in our community, they must invest in our people, too."

Salem, Oregon – Deli Workers at Salem’s Roth’s Fresh Markets have filed for a Union Election through the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board, Case #19-RC-303987) to join other UFCW Local 555 Roth’s represented locations in Salem, Silverton, McMinnville, Independence, and Stayton, Oregon. This comes as meat-cutters, wrappers, and other deli workers at these locations enter negotiations for a new contract. Additionally, the existing Roth’s membership has authorized a ULP strike, citing Unfair Labor Practices committed by the Roth’s which is under new ownership. 

“This past year, Roth’s Fresh Market was purchased by the Pattison Food Group, a conglomerate out of Canada. Roth’s is no longer the locally owned chain it once was. We have represented the meat departments in these stores for years, and now additional deli workers also want to be represented by our Union. These workers risked their own health as well as their families’ wellbeing to show up to work during the pandemic, and the new owners of the company need to recognize and respect that sacrifice at the bargaining table, as well as through the organizing process. – Dan Clay, UFCW Local 555 Union President.

“Throughout our organizing process, the new Canadian owners of Roth’s have challenged us at every step. We deserve a Union! If a corporation wants to buy stores in our community, they must invest in our people, too.” – Matt Sequeira, Deli Worker at Roth’s.

This union call for an election comes after a months-long organizing campaign to provide workers at Roth’s with better benefits, stronger pay, and a more secure retirement. Most importantly, more workers at Roth’s will finally have a true voice in their workplace.