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Welcome, Idaho and Wyoming! Local 368A has merged into Local 555

Local 368A has merged into Local 555!

September 2, 2021
Welcome page for new Local 555 members from Idaho and Wyoming The members of Local 555 and Local 368A have spoken, and we are thrilled...
Yesterday and today, we had our first sessions negotiating for members working at Safeway and Albertsons. Joining UFCW Local 555 at the bargaining table was UFCW Local 367 out of Tacoma, Washington, adding the strength of their membership which will lead to a stronger contract. Your negotiations committee stands committed to achieving strong wage increases for all areas and positions, better contract language, and a safer working environment. While the employer rejected a number of our proposals, they were open to talks on others, including merging some contracts and creating better sick leave language. Over the past year-and-a-half, you have risked your lives for your community and their corporate profits. Your employer proposed that you should have a smaller sick leave bank. They also think that it should take more time for new hires to access holiday pay, as well as remove Sunday, evening, and night premium pay for new hires. Their proposals are not what you need or deserve. This is not how essential employees who have risked the health and well-being of their families for the past 18 months should be treated. Throughout negotiations, it is important to remember that getting you the strongest contract is an important process. Please help support your union by doing your part when asked. This is YOUR contract, but it can only be great if we all work together. We will not accept any contract that does not compensate you for the risks you take. Be sure to watch your union bulletin board, your email, Facebook, Twitter, and ufcw555.org for more information. You can also reach out to your Union Representative, Shop Steward, or Bargaining Team member on how to get involved.

Safeway & Albertsons Negotiations Update- 7/28/21

July 28, 2021
Yesterday and today, we had our first sessions negotiating for members working at Safeway and Albertsons. Joining UFCW Local 555 at the bargaining table was...

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Carrie Ortiz, Clicklist, Wilsonville Fred Meyer

Carrie works in the click list at the Wilsonville Fred Meyer. When the click-list was being organized in her store she went home and told her Gramma that she was being asked to join a union. Her Gramma told her, ‘Join. Unions are good, and belonging in one will help you and your coworkers.’

Carrie is happy to have become a member and has already helped in delivering the essential worker petition to management.

Joshuah K Quevido, Courtesy Clerk, Clatskaine Safeway

Overall my experience with the Union this past year has been good.

The information on the board is always updated should I have any questions. I’ve also always received help from my Union Rep, especially during the pandemic. Our Rep always comes around to ask us how we are doing or need any help.