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July 23, 2021
Yesterday and today was our first session negotiating with just Kroger, for Fred Meyer and QFC members. Our proposal supports strong wage increases for all...

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Catherine Nguyen, Kaiser

As someone who is extremely interested in employee culture and wellness, being part of UFCW has been so eye opening and giving in opportunity. I have been a consultant for salon chains, and I constantly work towards better policies and conflict resolution for their employees. So, I am constantly appreciative of the voice UFCW fights for for our members. And am excited to continue as a steward to add to the strength of that voice.

Robert Cartusciello

Robert Cartusciello, Fred Meyer, Cornelius

Robert Cartusciello from the Fred Meyer in Cornelius is happy to be working his first union job. He has been so happy with the new sick leave law and can’t wait to see what happens with the Fair Work Week campaign. Rob is also interested in being involved in the upcoming contract negotiations because he understands that unions are stronger when we stand together.