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Fred Meyer And QFC Contract Ratified!

December 30, 2021
With the voting completed, a 3 year contract for members working at Fred Meyer and QFC in Oregon and SW Washington has been ratified. The...
Banners top the UFCW 555 and Safeway Albertsons logos, with a handshake between them. At the bottom is a checked off tentative agreement

A Tentative Agreement has been Reached

February 18, 2022
On February 17th and 18th, your Union Negotiations Committee held our seventh session for Safeway and Albertsons members. Your Union Negotiations Committee and representatives for...

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Carrie Ortiz, Clicklist, Wilsonville Fred Meyer

Carrie works in the click list at the Wilsonville Fred Meyer. When the click-list was being organized in her store she went home and told her Gramma that she was being asked to join a union. Her Gramma told her, ‘Join. Unions are good, and belonging in one will help you and your coworkers.’

Carrie is happy to have become a member and has already helped in delivering the essential worker petition to management.

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