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Not quite the latest news

Fellow union sibs and cousins, this is a challenging column to write, because there has been so much news since the last Labor Press and yet, this will arrive in your mailbox after arguably the most important news for 20k+ of you: ratification status of the current tentative agreement. Please keep your eyes and ears open at work, on social media, and via your email to learn whether you’ve collectively ratified this new, fully recommended settlement: we should know by Saturday, October the 12th.
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2019 legislative session is a wrap

The 2019 legislative session in Oregon drew to a close on the last day of June with a flood of bills passing onto the governor’s desk.

As we said back in April, the session was bursting with bills that could bring positive change to the lives of working families in Oregon. Now that all is said and done we can pause to reflect on massive wins such as Paid Family and Medical Leave (HB 2005) and Rent Control (SB 608), both of which will bring unprecedented security and stability for our members.

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This Month in Labor History March 2019

What we now know as the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 represents an amalgam of associations, unions and locals who, for more than one hundred years, have organized and reorganized to build worker power in Oregon. Today, UFCW Local 555 is made up of over 25,000 workers in Oregon and SW Washington. In order to appreciate the strength … Read more »

PRESIDENT’S CORNER: The Janus decision throws down the gauntlet.

June 27th finally saw the long-awaited Supreme Court decision on Janus v. AFSCME. The decision was as expected: 5-4 in a blow against public sector unions. This decision essentially overturned the 1977 case (Abood v. Detroit Board of Education) which had been decided unanimously (9-0). Now, with the current court, the decision indicates that it is unconstitutional to allow public … Read more »

Guest Column: Stay Safe!

Given that we just completed the holiday season, I shouldn’t be surprised that we saw occasional workplace concerns that had to do with shoplifting. Our fellow members weren’t the ones doing the shoplifting: the customers were, and here’s the crazy thing. Our members are the ones getting in trouble. Well, it sounds crazy and backwards and mixed up. The thing … Read more »