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In Memoriam: Trudi Bennett

We are saddened to announce that one of our Union Representatives, Trudi LaRae Bennett, beloved daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin and friend passed peacefully in her sleep on May 14, 2020. Trudi was born in Lebanon, Oregon on July 22, 1988 and was a graduate of West Albany High School. Trudi was filled with compassion and was a sensitive … Read more »

2020 Primary – Even in a quarantine, labor claims victory

This week, Oregonians showed our country how well the vote-by-mail process can work. The state boasted a greater than 46% voter turnout from passionate citizens who made sure their voices were heard even during a “shelter-in-place” order. The labor movement didn’t let the COVID pandemic stop us from reaching out all across the state to support our labor champion candidates, … Read more »

The hazard is not over

Local 555 has been hard at work every single day during this unprecedented time, working with governments, other locals and all of you to fight for all our members need and deserve. All these voices raised together in solidarity is a powerful and persuasive tool! So far, we have negotiated bonuses and hazard/hero pay, expanded leave and COVID-related medical programs, … Read more »

Prescription Drug Network Provider Change

Starting June 1st (or shortly thereafter) we are switching from Envision to Magellan as our prescription drug network provider. New prescription cards will be in the mail the first week of June. All participating pharmacies have been contacted by Magellan to help understand the transition. Anyone who has gone through the “exception process” to get their non-formulary drug covered at … Read more »

Pension Update

April 28, 2020 RE: PENSION UPDATE Dear UFCW Member, We are writing to update you on the status of the Oregon Retail Employees Pension Trust (OREPT) in which you are a participant. In 2019, the status of your OREPT was healthy (green). By design, pension plans like the OREPT are heavily invested in the United States’ Equity and Bond Markets … Read more »

Let’s make this election count

No matter your political interest or leanings, elections are an opportunity to shape our nation’s approach to problem solving, as well as the outcomes that can impact millions. Few issues illustrate this point more clearly than the COVID-19 crisis. When comparing states like Oregon and Washington with others that lack strong worker protections, the importance of the ballot box becomes … Read more »